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Apprenticeship and Training

The National Electrical Contractors Association, in conjunction with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, sponsor a state-of-the-art apprenticeship and journeyman upgrade program in order to ensure the public the best-trained electrical craftspeople possible. All apprentice electricians undergo a demanding 5-year schooling program meshed with at least 8,000 hours of diversified on-the-job training in order to meet the criteria and standards as set by our National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC) curriculum. As of 1999, the program had an enrollment of over 42,000 apprentices nationally with over $60 million dedicated to training, all of which is funded by the memberships of NECA and the IBEW; no government nor taxpayer funding make up any portion of this program.

The Idaho Chapter, NECA works closely with IBEW Local Union 449 in Pocatello to sponsor our Eastern JATC (Eastern Idaho, Twin Falls/Sun Valley area), and IBEW Local Union 291 (Boise Valley) to sponsor our Southwest JATC. Combined, the programs have well over 200 aspiring electricians at various stages of apprenticeship. The programs meet the strict requirements of both the NJATC and the State of Idaho's Bureau of Apprenticeship Training.

To receive more information on Idaho's electrical apprenticeship program or how to apply to the JATC as a potential electrical apprentice, contact the JATC Training Directors listed below:


Southwestern Idaho Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee for the Electrical Industry
121 East 34th Street
Boise, Idaho 83714-6502
(208) 384-0538

Eastern & Central Electrical JATC
John Baker
PO Box 4887
Pocatello, Idaho 83205
Phone: (208) 232-4300