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· To provide opportunities for electrical contractors to meet for their mutual advancement.

· To uncover potential for increased electrical contracting business including distribution of electrical materials, equipment and apparatus.

· To inform the industry of business opportunities.

· To speak for the electrical contracting industry and represent its interest before legislative assemblies, governmental agencies, and other bodies.

· To sponsor apprenticeship training programs.

· To inform the public of the benefits of having electrical work done by qualified NECA contractors.

· To cooperate in developing the National Electrical Code and other technical and safety programs that aim at safe, adequate, and efficient electrical service to the public, and to inform the public about the importance of adequate and safe wiring.

· To promote sound business management practices through education and to sponsor and conduct courses in business management, accounting, estimating, and other topics for electrical contractors and their employees.

· To furnish without cost to all known electrical contractors a periodical or periodicals that contain information, data, trade and industry statistics, analyses of governmental regulations, and business trends of value to the electrical contracting industry.

· To conduct research into products, equipment, methodologies, management, business, and business opportunities of the electrical contracting industry.

· To provide information and advice on industry problems.

· To promote sound economic conditions in the electrical contracting industry.

· To promote the adoption by governmental agencies and private owners of contracting procedures that will ensure the most active and open competitive bidding for electrical contracts and eliminate unfair trade practices.

· To cooperate with other branches of the electrical industry and construction trades to promote fair and ethical business practices and improve products and services.