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NECA highly values the long record of constructive and responsible labor relations practiced by the National Association, its Chapters and its members with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). NECA’s basic policy is that every effort should be made by all parties concerned to maintain positive relations between management and labor - the National Association, its Chapters and members, supervisory personnel, the IBEW and local unions - to improve labor-management relations. The goal is to provide the maximum possible productivity per man-hour of labor to meet competition and to promote consumer use of the trained and skilled electrical craftsmen employed by NECA electrical contractors.

In order to implement this policy, NECA endorses and seeks to develop on the local and national level programs and procedures for a rational and peaceful approach to the settlement of disputes and the avoidance of strikes, work stoppages, and jurisdictional disputes. NECA has joined with the IBEW to develop the National Labor-Management Cooperation Committee (NLMCC) with the goal of improving the relationship between signatory contractors and the IBEW at all levels, and exploring ways to work together to become more competitive, to implement programs that increase employment opportunities and to promote the value of union electrical work. NECA develops programs for improving on-the-job safety; the training of apprentices and journeymen; employment and benefit options; and other programs for the benefit of the industry and the general public. NECA plays an active role in the formation and administration of the Council on Industrial Relations (CIR), the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC), the National Employees Benefit Fund (NEBF), and other nationally recognized programs.

The industry and the general public have earned immeasurable savings by NECA’s diligent efforts to promote and maintain full and uninterrupted productivity while striving for economically realistic terms of employment. The Council on Industrial Relations is a forum, mutually endorsed by NECA and the IBEW, which meets quarterly for the timely and peaceful resolution of labor-management disputes which cannot be resolved at the local level. Parties may jointly or unilaterally submit disputes to the CIR and the resulting unanimous decision becomes binding on the parties involved. The result of this binding arbitration ensures that the public will not be subjected to a union strike or a lock-out by management.

NECA labor-relations policy provides for a coordinated and cooperative effort between Chapters and the National Association. This policy features a high degree of local control, while at the same time providing methods by which the National Office can promote and safeguard the labor relations and business interests of the industry.